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Relax Noise 3


build: 15032601

from: 2015/03/26

OS: Android 2.1 or higher

type: Freeware (no ads)

size:2.1 MByte

Relax Noise 3 helps to stay focused in a busy environment at office or home. It masks nerving ambient noise with white, pink or red background noise. Also helpful against Tinnitus, either as Tinnitus masker or as Tinnitus noiser.

All three noise signals are random signals but with different acoustic colours:

white noiseWhite noise has a flat power spectral density and corresponds to the background noise of electronic amplifiers (thermal or resistor noise). Here a white noise sample, the same noise is used in Relax Noise 3:

pink noisePink noise has a power spectral density which is inversely proportional to the frequency (1/f). Pink noise occurs in electronic devices (flicker noise) and also as ambient noise in the nature. It sounds like leaves rustling or rushing water. Here a pink noise sample as used in the app:

red noiseRed or brown noise has like pink noise a decreasing power spectral density but it is louder at lower frequencies (1/f²). In nature it sound similar to waterfalls, heavy rainfalls or to the sounds of the sea. Here a red noise sample:

White, pink or red noise as concentration aid

Just choose the ambient noise which you like most. Phone calls or discussions in the office as well as from the neighbourhood are less disturbing when they are embedded in plain background noise. In this way the noise generator helps staying focused even in very busy environments.
Adjust the sound volume of the noise generator rather low so you can still hear the environmental noise. However, it should be loud enough that you must not compulsorily follow unwanted conversations.

Tinnitus Masker / Noiser

About 10%-20% of adults in the western industrial countries permanently suffer from Tinnitus and the trend is rising. Most people suffer from subjective Tinnitus: Their Tinnitus is not generated in the inner ear, it is rather a perceptual disorder and generated in the brain. From conventional medicine point of view a Tinnitus which already lasts longer than one year cannot be healed anymore. However, there are a lot of therapies and alternative healing treatments offered which can at least reduce the Tinnitus, even a complete cure cannot be fully excluded. (more Tinnitus infos here)

Tinnitus Masker: When using Relax Noise 3 as Tinnitus masker the volume of the noise generator should be loud enough, that the Tinnitus cannot be heard anymore. So you are able to relax and recover from your Tinnitus for a while. However, healing is not possible with a Tinnitus masker. When you turn the noise generator off, your will perceive your Tinnitus with the same loudness as before or (like on the author's experience) for a few minutes even louder.

Tinnitus Noiser: The loudness of the noise generator should be tuned lower than the Tinnitus in the head. The Tinnitus is still audible, but because of the additional ambient noise the Tinnitus is perceived less annoying and can be better masked or ignored from the brain. The brain is supposed to learn reducing the Tinnitus and a permanent recovery can be achieved. Tinnitus noiser are used in the Tinnitus retraining therapy.

Noise for meditation

The noise generator simply masks distracting noise from the neighbours (noisy radios, TVs, phone calls or conversations) and helps to stay focused during the meditation practice. Since Relax Noise 3 includes a programmable turn off timer, you can also use it as meditation timer. If you rather prefer a "noiseless" meditation timer, please have a look at our Medigong app.

Noise as sleeping aid

Disturbing noise from nocturnal neighbours is drown out and makes it easier to fall asleep.

Never use it in road transport or while driving a car!!!

You can also program the timer to turn off Relax Noise 3 automatically after an adjustable period of time. Setting the timer to "00:00" means that the timer is disabled and Relax Noise 3 runs endless.


Relax Noise 3 does not require any internet access, is free of advertising and will remain so in the future!

Further features planned:


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Android app on Google Play Relax Noise 3 available on kindle fire Relax Noise 3, Download at heise apk download from

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2015/03/26, V1.6
2014/02/19, V1.5.1
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2013/05/21, V1.3
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