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OS:Android 2.1 - 4.4

type:Freeware (no ads)


"Since everything is but an apparition, having nothing to do with good or bad, acceptance or rejection, one may well burst out in laughter!" (Longchenpa, tibetan Buddhist in the 14th century)

meditation gong

The first Medigong prototype, built by the author 2007 AD; with electronic timer, electromagnet and "real" Gong.

Timer for Meditation, Yoga, Qigong:
Medigong is a smart Android timer app for Meditation, Yoga, Qigong or other exercises. It provides a simple timer which is adjustable between 1 minute and 24 hours. The remaining time is displayed in big digits at the Sri Yantra mandala. After expiring Medigong replays one or three times the sound of the gong. The number of gongs are configurable (either one or three).

Interval Timer / Awareness Gong:
In addition Medigong provides a interval timer which can be used to sound a gong for instance every 5 minutes. You can use these period gongs to get aware of your thoughts and to get focused on your Meditation again.

Example: Configure Medigong for a 45mins meditation session and the awareness timer for a 3mins interval. Every 3mins Medigong will sound a gong to help you to gain focused again. After 45mins Medigong will sound three times the gong to notify the end of the meditation session.

The gong sound of the Medigong app was recorded and digitized with a studio microphone from a "real" Gong (see photo above). Here a 3-gongs sample as used in the app:


Medigong does not require any internet access, is free of advertising and will remain so in the future!

Planned for next release:


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Medigong Medigong Medigong

Download / Install

Android app on Google Play Medigong available on kindle fire apk download from

*To allow the download and installation of Android applications from the internet, you need to enable the option "Unknown sources / Allow installation of non-Market applications" on your Android smartphone or tablet.

Help / FAQ

1. No gong timer when the device is turned off:

Like every other Android application, Medigong is not able to switch on your phone. This is a limit of the hardware.

2. No gong timer when the device is in "deep sleep"-mode:

Some devices (e.g. Archos tablets) have a deep sleep mode. Nothing will work in deep sleep, including alarms or timers.

3. Using task killers:

Medigong only consumes power when the gong sounds (media player) or when the screen is turned on. Nonetheless, if you use a task killer to bring down Medigong you should check your timers afterwards. Some of the task killers are very efficient and turn off the alarm receivers of the applications as well.

4. If  you find a problem:

We test our applications very carefully before we release them. However, if you find a problem please help us solving it and send us an error report.


2016/03/12, V1.8:
2015/03/24, V1.7:
2014/08/04, V1.6.1:
2014/02/19, V1.6:
2013/07/31, V1.5.1:
2013/07/17, V1.4:
2013/05/24, V1.3:
2013/05/17, V1.2:
2012/10/01, V1.1:
2012/08/04, V1.0: