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de alarm clock 3

Alarm Clock 3 is an easy to use music alarm clock app with 3 customizable alarms. All basic settings or configurations are easily accessible with a single click or screen touch. Alarm Clock 3 wakes up optionally with music, alarm or ring tones. The alarm and snooze durations, as well as the alarm volume can be customized for each alarm independently.

Calculator 3

Calculator 3 is an easy to use universal Android calculator app, suitable for the evaluation of basic mathematical expressions as well as nested scientific expressions with parentheses, e.g.: 3.25 + 2 * 5.25 = 13.75  or sqrt((0.9 + 2.1)^2 + 4^2) = 5.  Calculator 3 provides a large history display, where all inputs and results can be checked easily.

Relax Noise 3

Relax Noise 3 helps to stay focused in a busy environment at office or home. It masks nerving ambient noise and also your tinnitus with white, pink or red background noise. All three are random noise signals but with different acoustic colors.


Medigong is a smart gong timer app for Meditation, Yoga, Qigong or other exercises. The remaining time is displayed in big digits at the mandala button. After expiring Medigong replays one or three times the sound of the gong.


Vbatt is a simple battery widget for Android smartphone and tablets. It displays the current battery voltage (Vbatt) and the remaining battery capacity (percentage) and optionally logs these values to a csv-file. For testing and benchmarking Vbatt provides a JBox2D-based discharger.