Alarm Clock 3


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Alarm Clock 3


build: 16081301


OS: Android 2.1 - 4.4

type: Freeware (no ads)

size: 699kByte

Example: First you might be wakened by gentle classical music or birdsong. Then the second alarm wakes you up to your favourite music at medium volume. At the end the third alarm throws you out of bed by a nasty and noisy ring tone and additional vibration.


Alarm Clock 3 V2.3 features:

For each of the three alarms you can independently configure the:

Further apps preferences:

Features planned for Alarm Clock 3 pro/+:

There are no plans for a pro version anymore, just bugfixing.


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Alarm Clock 3 Alarm Clock 3 Alarm Clock 3

Download / Install

Android app on Google Play Alarm Clock  3 available on kindle fire Alarm Clock 3, Download at heise apk download from

*To allow the download and installation of Android applications from the internet, you need to enable the option "Unknown sources / Allow installation of non-Market applications" on your Android smartphone or tablet.

Third Party Software

This Software (Alarm Clock 3) may utilize the following copyrighted Software, the use of which is hereby acknowledged:

The third party software is covered by the Apache license 2.0.

Help / FAQ

1. No Alarm when the device is turned off:

Like every other Android application, Alarm Clock 3 is not able to switch on your phone. This is a limit of the hardware.

2. No Alarm when the device is in "deep sleep"-mode:

Some devices (e.g. Archos tablets) have a deep sleep mode. Nothing will work in deep sleep, including alarms.

3. Using task killers:

Alarm Clock 3 only consumes power in case of an Alarm (media player) or when the screen is turned on. Nonetheless, if you use a task killer to bring down Alarm Clock 3 you should check your alarms afterwards. Some of the task killers are very efficient and turn off the alarm receivers of the applications as well.

4. You cannot configure music alarms?

Please click twice on the music-button. With the first click you select "music" for the alarm and with the second click you open the menu for choosing the music track.

5. Failures in audio files or with the MediaPlayer:

Alarm Clock 3 uses the built-in Android MediaPlayer (which is part of all Android devices) to playback alarm or ring tones and music tracks. Because there are known issues with this MediaPlayer on a few devices and Android versions, there is a workaround implemented in Alarm Clock 3 which is executed if the MediaPlayer does not work properly: If the MediaPlayer does not start within a few seconds it is re-setted and than started again and if this does not work, an internal alarm tone is played instead of the music track and an error message is displayed, e.g. a "!!! 3gpp-audio Error !!!" - message indicates a problem with a *.3gpp audio file.
This workaround is only executed in case of an alarm. If you just test the alarm tone or music track and the MediaPlayer cannot play it, those error message is displayed immediately. In most cases there is something wrong with the audio file or the audio file has a data rates or sampling frequency which the MediaPlayer cannot cope with.
The known problems with the MediaPlayer itself can normally be fixed by the workaround automatically and you will not see any error message.

6. Further questions or issues?

We test our applications very carefully before we release them. However, if you find a problem please help us solving it and send us an error report.


2016/04/16, V2.2
2014/12/03, V2.1
2014/08/06, V2.0.3
2013/10/12, V2.0.1
2013/09/30, V2.0
2013/08/28, V1.9
2013/06/10, V1.8
2013/03/06, V1.7.1
2013/02/26, V1.7
2012/10/29, V1.6
2012/10/19, V1.5
2012/08/13, V1.4
2012/06/21, V1.3
2012/04/25, V1.2
2012/03/29, V1.1b
2012/03/28, V1.1
2012/03/26, V1.0
2012/01/18, V0.9.7
2012/01/12, V0.9.6
2011/12/15, V0.9.5
2011/11/30, V0.9.4
2011/11/29, V0.9.3
2011/11/28, V0.9.2
2011/10/31, V0.9.1